Our Process

Our systematic process covers everything from strategy, planning, design, development, maintenance to monitoring. Through our 3-phase agile management process, you, the client, are involved every step of the way to ensure that all of your needs are addressed.

We also help you with Design, Development & QA, Maintenance, and Reporting & Hosting. Contact us to find out more.

Phase 1: Insight & Idea Generation

Interviews with internal and external stakeholders to understand how organization communicates with audience. The goal will be to:
  • •��gather ideas and suggestions for how each group will be engaged
    ���with yourorganization through social media
  • •��understand the audience needs and business goals
  • •��discover what other online opportunities can be supported

Phase 2: Synthesis & Strategy Outline

Based on feedback from the Insight & Idea phase, we will work with you to:
  • •��build a content strategy for all your social media communications
  • •��define a set of requirements to help guide all future social media
    ���communications for your organization
  • •��prioritize the tactics based on impact and need and determine which
    ���Easuu modules will best fit your needs
We share this strategic outline with you to gather feedback and
continue on in the right direction.

Phase 3: Final Strategy Creation

Easuu will help you create an social strategy. The strategy will include the following:
  1. Development and Integration
  2. Testing and Validation
  3. Knowledge Transfer